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There are currently five scout groups throughout Caithness, and Caithness District Explorer Unit in Thurso and Wick. For details, select a group on the top menu.

Scouting is for all age groups: Beavers (6-8) to Cubs (8-10½) to Scouts (10½-14) to Explorers (14-18).

Enthusiastic leaders and helpers are always in demand - if you can help out please do get in touch.


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Latest Local Scouting News
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2nd Thurso Beavers eggsciting night

Published: Tue 27th Mar 18 in 2nd Thurso Beavers by Ian Pearson

We said goodbye to Sam as he was pulled up to Cubs. Sam achieved his Chief Scouts Bronze Award so...

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Reay Beavers learn to spark!!!!

Published: Mon 26th Mar 18 in 1st Reay Beavers by Ian Pearson

What a great night we had at Reay Beavers with invited scince guru Pat Kieran who showed Beavers the...

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Sleep over with 1st, 2nd Thurso and Reay…

Published: Mon 5th Oct 15 in 2nd Thurso Beavers by Ian Pearson

For the first time in Caithness Beavers from 2nd Thurso, 1st Thurso and Reay joined together for a sleep...

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2nd Thurso - Radio Stars

Published: Wed 23rd Sep 15 in 2nd Thurso Beavers by Ian Pearson

  Who needs Radio 1 when 2nd Thurso Beavers "invade" the airways via CFM. Budding DJs all 21 of them...

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Beavers FUN Day 2015

Published: Mon 7th Sep 15 in Beavers - District by Ian Pearson

  Oh what super fun the super Beavers had at super Dunbeath at our super fun day with the super...

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Novel food at Reay barbecue

Published: Mon 29th Jun 15 in 1st Reay Beavers by Ian Pearson

OK so we all know about cooking sausages on barbie ( thats not the doll!!) then came along the...

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