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2nd Thurso Beavers

Sleep over with 1st, 2nd Thurso and Reay Beavers

Beaver Sleep over with 1st Thurso and Reay

For the first time in Caithness Beavers from 2nd Thurso, 1st Thurso and Reay joined together for a sleep over. Of course Beavers re defined the term "sleep over" and made it a "wake over". Who needs sleep anyway?????


It was Aidan's birthday and the 7 candles on the cake gave a clue as to his age which is the same as the Beaver Leaders!!! The cake was a replica of a Beaver top comp-lete with badges and neckie. Bit then Beavers tend to eat their neckies anyway. This though was icing and cake - wow!

Theme was onesies and all (even most leaders ) threw themselves into the ocassion. One leader even threw himself down a step ladder as he was so excited to take photos. Bison being Bison he just bounced back like Tigger!!!!

Elaine Grant our Commissioner paid a visit and involved a couple of Beavers to help present Bison with his Silver Acorn. A game then developed on how to stop Beavers eating is as they thought is was chocloate inside!

Beavers were counted going into tents and thankfully the same number exited. The food was excellent and even the sausages this time didnt break anyone's teeth Thanks Sandra

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