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Beavers FUN Day 2015

Beaver FUN Day


Oh what super fun the super Beavers had at super Dunbeath at our super fun day with the super them being (yep you guess it) "Super Heroes" - sub titled "arent we all"!!!!

There was a base where Beavers made Batman biscuits although looked a bit to batty at times. We had facepaints which doubled up as hand paints/arm paints and other boy parts -why we even had Beaver jumper paints when some Beavers decided what a good game that would be to paint their tops. A super collage of a super Beaver was completed and masks were made and if only the Beavers had cut out the eye holes then they would see what else was going on. Space hoppers were leaping and stilts were walking as hobby horse a jumping. There was a parachute to lift the spirits and a knock down bits of wood game to expose more heroes. A solid built game that would test the Beavers 10000mph bean bag throws.

A break for ice cream was followed by singing "In the Rain" but there wasnt any as the sun shone but then it always does on Beavers. Could be the fact that we played  with Kyptonite and had a fight similar to a snowball fight but with home made Kyrponite ( the best kind).

Thanks to all who helped. Would not have happen without you all

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